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We draw from over 50 years combined experience in commercial diving and ROV work to offer client-based solutions to subsea projects in the most challenging environments, inputs for project risk assessments and procedure development, as well as project execution compliance monitoring and project close-out.


IUS is proud to serve as a one stop shop for municipal water and wastewater infrastructure inspection, repair and maintenance. Our innovative robotic solutions, world-class diving service line and industry-leading partners ensures our projects are completed safely, on time and with the highest achievable quality standards.


IUS provides Surface Supplied Air diving services, including both shore-based and boat-based diving capability. All diving operations are planned and executed in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements and in compliance with current diving industry best practices from ADCI and IMCA.

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Integrated Underwater Services specializes in Commercial Diving services, ROV inspection of marine and underwater civil infrastructure and public works projects in the Pacific Northwest, as well as technical consulting and client representation for diving and ROV projects. Our ROV Division specializes in innovative solution for water tower, water reservoir and water tank inspection and cleaning. IUS is organized under a Quality Management System structured under ISO 9001:2015 and a Diving Safety Management System in compliance with IMO International Code of Safety for Diving Operations MSC.548(107).

IUS founder Troy Gessner has worked in the diving and subsea construction industry for over 25 years as a diver, supervisor, project manager, client representative and subject matter expert for clients around the world on diving, ROV and deepwater installation projects. Troy brings his experience and uncompromising focus on quality and safety to Integrated Underwater Services to help managers of underwater and floating assets find and implement safe, cost-effective solutions to maintenance, inspection and repair requirements in Washington State and beyond.

IUS draws on industry resources and expertise from around the world to ensure safe, efficient solutions for underwater infrastructure challenges. 


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2023: Washington State Parks Department: IUS's divers safely and successfully supported maintenance and repair to the Department's underwater infrastructure in Washington State.

2023: North Star Fishing Company: IUS's divers performed vessel inspection and ships husbandry on NorthStar's fishing fleet.

2022: Olympic View Water & Sewer District: IUS safely and successfully completed internal and external cleaning and inspection of the district's 2.5 million gallon potable water reservoir, 120 feet tall by 60 feet diameter using IUS's robotic solutions and topside team.


2021: Ilwaco Indian Creek Dam Intake Remediation Project: IUS was contracted in January 2021 by the City of Ilwaco to perform ROV inspection of the city's fresh water intake system at the Indian Creek Dam facility. Our ROV identified several issues with the original installation and IUS was contracted to provide diving services to perform repairs. We returned in May 2021 with our mobile dive system and dive team to complete re-mooring the intake pipework, sealing off the lower intake assembly and replacing the original fiberglass intake screen with a robust stainless steel assembly. Most importantly, our project was completed safely, on time and exceeded the client's expectations.

2020: IUS performed ROV inspection of potable water reservoirs in many municipalities in Washington State including Reardan, Grotto, Whitworth, Glenhaven Lakes and Bellingham. Our ROV inspections are quicker and more efficient than divers and have the added benefit of keeping divers out of hazardous confined spaces with challenging rescue.


2019: Troy Gessner was Project Manager for the Orlan platform water intake remediation project, Sakahlin Island, Russian Federation. A 36" platform water intake had been blocked internally with sand and required clearing and a method devised to re-install the intake screen that had been removed by heavy winter sea ice. The piping run was 12 meters with multiple internal elbows. and transitions. We devised a method to clean the pipe internally using a self-propelled water jet device monitored externally by divers and inside the platform by ROV simultaneously . We also designed a robust wet welded ROV-friendly retainer system to allow for future diverless remediation if required. The project was completed with 0 incidents and ahead of schedule, allowing the platform to return to production ahead of the planned shutdown.

2017: Technical consultant for the FAXP pipeline expansion project in Qatar, Persian Gulf. Audited the diving contractor, several DPDSV's and 2 saturation diving systems for the project.

2016: Lead diving technical representative for a major oil and gas operator in the Gulf of Mexico for the Julia project. This project used surface supplied air divers working from a Floating Production Unit to tie in 12" risers to existing pipework on the platform's pontoons in 110 feet water depth. Divers worked through a 100 foot air gap diving while the platform was in production. Troy represented the operator at project risk assessments, audited the diving contractor and diving system and worked the duration of the project to monitor contractor compliance to ensure safe, timely project completion.



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IUS is accredited as an External Specialist by American Bureau of Shipping for vessel UWILD using divers.

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IUS is a General Member of the Association of Diving Contractors International

Washington State Contractors License #INTEGUS798C2 


IUS is proud to partner with Quality Coatings Inspection and Consulting to offer NACE Level 1-3 Coating Inspection services

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IUS is a Specialty Contractor member of AGC Washington Chapter

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